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Updated: Feb 12

Things are really hotting up at Simple Honest HQ and 2022 is looking spicetastic. We’ve already given you the heads up about our collaboration with the wonderful Nadia Arab from Waterstones and Amazon selling Author of The Road From Karachi.

Well we can now confirm that we are on the cusp of launching an exciting new taste range of Simple Honest products with her. But before we get carried away with the excitement of new products, we thought it would be great to just check out the stories behind this new collaboration. So I caught up with Nadia and Sam to chat about how these two businesses share core values and chose to work together on this project.

Let me introduce Nadia Arab, in short she has redesigned her whole family recipe book of Indian and Pakistani dishes. She took it on as her goal to resurrect her Mother’s treasured typewritten papers and has produced a brilliant cook book masterpiece. Since approaching Simple Honest it was clear to her that working together would be an obvious win for everyone “This is a fantastic opportunity for both RFK and Simple Honest. I was on Facebook and then saw an ad for simple honest spice. I thought wouldn't it be good to collaborate and see how we can help each other as start ups. To help the business grow as well as share ideas”. Sam agrees “I really like what RFK is all about.” He goes on to talk about Nadia’s work “there’s a simplicity to the cooking, and many of the recipes use a blend of spices that closely resemble Simple Honest.” Nadia understands the authenticity of Simple Honest spices “Simple Honest spice sounds healthy, pure and real. That is what I want RFK to be. A healthy curry book.”

Nadia and Sam are both passionate for the continuation of family heritage through cooking. Sam’s artisan crafted masala along with Nadia's traditional recipes both celebrate their roots.

“What better way to experience a culture than through cuisine. The link to heritage gives authenticity, it’s the foundation in flavour that is so sought after.”
Sam Kumar, Founder of Simple Honest.

Nadia’s story is all about continuation of her family recipes as you can read in The Road From Karachi recipe book. She explores, looks to understand the culture and context of the recipes that bring life to cooking. Nadia concludes that cooking heritage recipes is so important for us to champion as it “is authentic, has pure ingredients and is cooked using traditional methods”.

So what can we expect to see from this collaboration?

Sam gets excited “the idea of a unique RFK blend is brilliant and not too far from the mark - I’m currently perfecting a blend that will be the perfect base masala for RFK’s recipes so do


Finally this is not only about cooking heritage, it’s not just about celebrating what’s come before, but also potentially influencing the future. Simple Honest and Road From Karachi are teaming up to make their positive and far reaching print on the map.

“The best point about this collaboration is that it’s not purely about the sales. We are a collaboration with a conscience; all our profits fund clean water projects in Pakistan. However we don’t want to stop at Pakistan, we want to fund clean water projects in areas that most need them.” Sam Kumar, Simple Honest.

Wow. What a promise from Sam, Nadia agrees it’s also a core value for The Road From Karachi.

“My focus is selling the book and using some proceeds to fund our clean water project. I would love you to be part of this as this is a charity aspect I would like to push.”
Nadia Arab, The Road From Karachi

So you can expect to see the collaboration products online, for sale very soon. This new product line “The RFK Blend” is designed as a special spice mix to work perfectly with RFK recipes. It may be just a little spicier and hotter than the classic Simple Honest Masala, reflecting the recipes of RFK. The north Indian subcontinent has typically more fragrant and earthly spices, so you can expect the subtlest tones of fenugreek, cardamoms and mango coming through. You’ll want to get your hands on this beautifully fragrant blend to fill your kitchen with the aromas and stunning flavours of Karachi.

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